I attack paint-smothered recycled car panels (used over the years to train spray painters) with grinding, sanding and fine carving tools.
The colourful indoor sculptures are polished or clear-coated as a final step.

Professionally, I was trained to create invisible repairs with perfectly matched colour, gloss and texture – in other words repair scratches and apply paint. As a sculptural artist I create scratches and remove paint. My sculptures expose an almost innumerable range of differently coloured paint layers and reveal exciting colours and psychedelic effects.
The abstract pieces take the viewer on an unexpected visual journey.

Passionate about technical challenges, I love to push the boundaries of car paint!

Born in Gouda, The Netherlands in 1962, I joined the collision repair industry in 1978 and worked as a spray painter, teacher and trainer before moving to Melbourne, Australia in 2005.
I am an automotive refinish consultant, paint application and colour specialist for the automotive industry.


Music, street art, artists Anton Rooskens, Andy Warhol, and the automotive sculptures of John Chamberlain.