Car Panel Sculptures
A curated selection of my works in a former automotive garage
23 November – 23 December 2018
Brogan’s Way Gin Distillery
61 North St, Richmond VIC
Fri/Sat 5 – 11pm | Sun 1 – 7pm

I attack paint smothered car panels with grinding, sanding and fine carving tools to create 3D layered surfaces.

The colourful, automotive sculptures are polished or clear-coated as a final step.

Tattoo You

The thinly shaved and intricately carved surface is a nod to Indigenous tribal tattoos.

2015 | Reclaimed steel front guard | Ford Falcon FG | L 120 cm x H 80 cm x D 20 cm | Automotive paint +/- 50 layers
Wood carving tools | Orbital sander | Rotary tool | Manual wet sanding | High gloss 2-pack clearcoat